Duke Jeyaraj

Do you treat Christ, the God who took on flesh and bone, during the first Christmas over two thousand years ago, the way, French Football Superstar, Kilian Mbappe treated the French President Emmanuel Macron after the goose-bumps giving World Cup Football Final of 2022? Siddharth Saxena wrote these lines to throw more light on this, rather shocking event: Here was the foremost star of the world game almost seeing through his country’s president. Barely 24, Mbappe’s rather indifferent treatment of French president Emmanuel Macron as the premier offered commiserations on the Lusail turf afterwards was a cold-shoulder in full glare of the world… “Macron, miles offside,” a section of the French media headlined their opinion on this visit to the French dressing room to offer a pep-talk…

Several innkeepers indifferently and nonchalantly shut the doors on the faces of earthly parents of Jesus, Joseph and Mary! Despite knowing that Christ fulfilled prophecy accurately through his team of Bible Scholars, King Herod was not only indifferent towards to Christ who was born, but also wanting to finish him off!  In the case of Mbappe, it was Macron who was off-side! In the case of Christ, we who ignore him are on the off-side and he is on-side, being only one who never ever committed sin!

Today, won’t your possibly indifferent heart be moved by the love that Christ demonstrated by taking on flesh, a flesh was pierced for your sake on the Cross as a punishment for your sin? Will you repent of your sin and come to him in Faith? Then life will become meaningful and purposeful!

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