– Duke Jeyaraj

I translated into English a moving song from the movie Mahanati (Telugu)/NadigaiyarT hilagam (Tamil)  on the life of the 1950s and 1960sactress Savitri which released in the early part of 2018 with Keerthi Suresh playing the lead. The song is titled, Chivaraku Migiledi (Telugu)/Irudhiyil Enna Enjum (Tamil). 

Is this the mirror that saw the beauty called Savithri?

Is this the mirror that saw the woman with fame and riches?

Or is there a crack in that mirror (and what I am seeing – my deplorable/miserable self – is not real)?!
Tell me why? Tell me why?
Tell me the answer – the poem I am about to sing?
I don’t know the answer…I do not know the answer…Tell me the answer poem!
What is left at the end?(repeat four times)
When I was a born there was a struggle (my father died)
When I am about to die still in my forties (with deception by the love of my life and addiction to alcohol speeding this process), there is a struggle
Between these two events there is a small celebration (I became famous in the movie world! Yes, people wanted my autograph! Yes, people wanted to be around me! Yes, people said, you are the most beautiful woman in the world who can also act amazingly well!!)
At the end, it was all a big disappointment!!!!
Where are those celebration days? Where is that romance (with Gemini Ganesan) that was so dear to me?
Tell me the answer, time! Tell me the answer, my poem!! Why is life so empty, meaningless and disappointing, when I sort of enjoyed everything the world had to offer?
What is left at the end, great actress? (repeated eight times)

I feel the theme of the Bible book of Ecclesiastes inspired the writing of this song. The book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible talks about man’s futile search for meaning in wine, wit, wisdom, work, women, wows and the world (read chapter two).The theme verse of this book is found in Ecclesiastes 2:25 and this message unfolds: Life under the Sun is meaningless, unless we make a connection with the One Above the Sun!
One statement which Savitri made in the course of this movie particularly illustrated the truth I learnt from the Bible book of Ecclesiastes and Jesus’ conversation with the sex-with-different-men chasing Samaritan Woman found in John 4: “I was a fool to imagine a sexual thirst that did not abate post your relationship with Alameluakka (Gemini Ganesan’s first wife), Pushpavalli (Gemini Ganesan’s mistress) would abate following a sexual relationship and marriage with me!”
A comment on YouTube video of this song in Tamil which went this way: “This song suits every human in this world!” Abhishek Vaidya left this comment in the first week of June 2018.
I would say, the above song could be the song of everyone who has not experienced and drunk the living water and the only God-in-flesh Jesus in a personal way (John 4:14)! Jesus also said in John 10:10- “I have come that you may have life – life to the full!” – and eventually shed every drop of His sinless blood to open the only way for peace to flood our sin-tormented souls (Romans 5:1, The Bible).
Living life without having a living daily relationship with the resurrected again Jesus will never be full!! It will be meaningless. It will be without serenity.
Yes, Savitri’s search for serenity wasn’t a solo search! This kind of search for peace is what human kind world-over does!

Have you been searching for peace lately knocking at the door of sex, drugs, affairs, fame, money, etc.? Have you been bitterly disappointed following a ‘small celebration’ and ‘initial elation’? [Yes, there is passing pleasure in sin (the Bible teaches this in Hebrews 11:25)].
Come now to Jesus, turning from sin and placing your entire trust in Him, for your salvation. And when you do that His peace – a peace which the world cannot give, money cannot buy, and the Devil cannot take away will be yours (John 14:27, The Bible)! Peace amidst the storm will be yours when you are under Jesus’ wings (Luke 19:42, The Bible).
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