Duke Jeyaraj put key moments of the India-Australia World Cup SemiFinal in Sydney on 26th March 2015 in poetry with an interesting thought at the end

Virat Kohli is undoubtedly World Cricket’s Biggest Batting Star,

His multiple, mind-boggling, batting feats keeps raising the bar,

Batting first, the Aussies had in this knock-out game posted a total above par,

Kohli took guard when India’s target of 329, despite the brisk 70+ opening partnership, was still very far,

A menacingly-paced, match-winning 150 would Kohli score in that India-Australia World Cup semifinal war?

After such a stupendous knock would he blow kisses to Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, his girl yaar?

Those were the sky-rocketing expectations Indian fans had about their Batting Caesar.

Like my daughter, who unable to resist temptation, would often reach for the Nutella jar,

He fished outside the off-stump for balls from which he should have stayed afar,

His batting tempo appeared far slower than what he drove during the TV ad break: the car,

Pretty soon, the Aussie keeper easily caught an edge from his pull-attempting bat without a scar!

With Rohit and Raina following him soon in a whimper, India’s World Cup Celebration cake did char!

Rahane was out when his snick, notwithstanding the deafening crowd noise, caught Steven Smith’s alert ear,

Maxwell’s direct hit caught short of the crease, India’s lone late warrior that night, Dhoni, the czar,

“In Sydney, the Indian batting became a chutney!” – this, the creative critics did roar,

It’s true all human heroes will at some point disappoint us: they are all hit by the sin tar,

A vacuum in the heart results and that can’t be filled-in by that cute chudithar or the latest cellular,

But know that God-in-flesh, Christ, died on the Cross for everyone – the beggar to the zamindar,

And we need to come in repentance and faith to the Christ, whom the Bible calls, “the Bright Morning Star!”

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