– Duke Jeyaraj

From the colorful, never-boring life of U.S. President-elect DONALD TRUMP,
These unforgettable lessons, for my life, does immediately JUMP,
When the whole world goes against you, don’t ever let your shoulders SLUMP,
Don’t ever let anyone take you for granted – you are a champ – not a CHUMP!
You may have to work with your once-upon-a-time-competitors (think Dr. Ben Carson) – you do not, them, ever DUMP!
You must be willing to work harder than your opponent, you must be willing to make more speeches by the STUMP!
And when it comes to thanking your family, there must be, in mouth, an emotional LUMP!
The more frankly and without pretense you speak, the louder, for you, will get the desk-THUMP!
Trump, also ultimately reminds me of the One who once healed a woman with a 18-year old, in-her-back, HUMP!
Jesus is His name – and he died on the Cross to offer forgiveness and peace to everyone – whether you are petite or PLUMP!
“My joy I give you,” the resurrected Jesus says to you – and when you follow him, you will not be a GRUMP!

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