A Duke Jeyaraj poem on the FIFA World Cup 2014 Final in Brazil with an important message at the end

The FIFA World Cup 2014 trophy was brought out to the grand ground by Mr. Puyol and Ms. Bundchen
Into the Maracana Stadium not far away from the statue of the One in Rio who from the dead, is risen!
The most watched televised program in the World – this, about the World Cup 2014 Final, was written
“Who will triumph, team Germany or Messi’s Argentina?” – with this question, crazed fans were smitten
As both teams attacked and defended with equal enthusiasm – the pressure in the stadium increased like in an oven,
Early in the game, German Kroos’ potentially-goal producing gift, by Argentine Higuain was not taken
When what he thought was a goal was flagged off as ‘off side’, the celebrating Higuain was shaken
At the stroke of half-time Hoewedes’ header bounced off the post with the Argentine goalie frozen
Early extra time arrived and Palacio, by lifting the ball over the goalie, Argentina’s account he almost did open,
Thanks to Jerome Boateng’s gutsy defending, Lionel Messi’s finishing was far from a perfect ten,
In the 113-minute, the 22-year old Mario Goetze volleyed-in a goal with a World-class sheen,
And in disgust the Argentine coach Sabella asked his defenders, “Where have you all been?”
When Messi shot wide the 122-minute, 35 yard free kick, his team’s last chance to equalize, his face was ashen,
The name of unified Germany in the list of FIFA World Cup winners, after 24 long years was seen!
And that Joachim Loew’s German team was the best in the planet – this was clearly proven!


Germany’s Schweinsteiger had blood on his face but was yet in the field by the time of the final siren,
He reminded me of the One who came to give a gift more precious than the one gift to Argentina, mistakenly given by Kroos, the German!
I am referring to the gift of forgiveness from sin which Jesus came to give by shedding blood as predicted by the Bible penmen,
He was the only One to be born on this earth without the help of the male semen,
Every sin of ours were laid upon Him on the Cross – no sins were excluded, not even the “sins that involve the hymen”,
We must take a U-turn and come back to him to receive this forgiveness like the boy in the Gospel record who once ate from the pigpen!
If you do that, then you will have a joy that is unspeakable while on this earth and go to live eternally in the glorious place where the streets are golden!
And now we must be ready to meet Jesus, for he shall return to this Earth to judge everyone, all of a sudden.

Duke Jeyaraj, an Engineer turned Doctor of Ministry graduate, is the founder of Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission, a ministry to presentday people funded by Indians who read his writings and hear his messages. Find out more about Duke and this inter-denominational ministry by liking


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