Duke Jeyaraj puts the Champions Trophy 2013 India-England Final in Edgbaston, England on 23 June 2013 in poetry


This Champions Trophy Final almost never took off because of the near non-stop rainfall,
In the end, it was it proved to be an edge-of-the-seat exciting game for all,
A gripping World Tournament Final it was, with any result possible until the very last ball.
Like he had done all through the tourney, Opener Dhawan the ball in his typical style, maul,
As India’s innings progressed, big-match hero, Dhoni’s duck did the Indian frenzied fans, appall,
Bopara’s mid-innings wicket-to-wicket wicket-taking bowling India’s run-progress, did stifle and stall,
But Kohli & Jadeda’s calculated hitting got India, in the given tough conditions, a total which was definitely not small,
India bowlers bowled a tight line, and it looked like England’s were to suffer their typical World Tourney Finals’ fall,
But battler Bopara and ‘monk’ Morgan counter-attacking hitting had India’s backs against the wall,
Raina’s three tight overs kept India in the hunt – this was turning out to be a match whose end was certain to enthrall,
When Dhoni asked his least-effective bowler of the day, Ishant, to bowl over No. 18, he, a fool, some wanted to call,
But it proved to be a Master stoke, and winner of that nerve-wracking Over No. 18 mini-battle was the man so tall,
Edgbaston crowd were at the edge of their seats, as Ashwin bowled with six needed off the last ball,
Tredwell’s heave did not connect, it was England’s turn, yet again, in a global ODI Final, to drink ‘wine mixed with gall’,
Jumping like an excited School Kid, Dhoni let out a scream that would have been heard even in the land of Gaul!
At the presentation, Dhoni remarked that he told his team, that it was not to God for intervention, they must look to call,
But instead, they had to make England, fight for every run, and give every ball, their all,
And the Indian team’s heeded to their captain’s words to jailbreak from their potentially boat-sinking squall!
The World T20, the World ODI, the Test No.1 and this Champions Trophy – long was the list of Dhoni’s title haul!

Dhoni’s advice to his team during the break may have worked a wonder,
But in the game of life, when we refuse the Ever-Present Help’s help, that would be a big blunder,
“How can my life be purposeful and meaningful?” – if that’s the question about which you deeply ponder,
Here is my answer – a living, daily, relationship with Jesus will give a lasting joy, which the Devil cannot plunder!
And fill your walk with purpose, peace-amidst-storm, in each step and an eternal home to bask in, yonder!

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