What Typical Men Rob Women Of – Duke Jeyaraj

What men, in general (though there are exceptions) rob women of I have put it in the form of an acronym ‘w-o-m-a-n’:

W-wages. World over, women do still get paid much less than men, even if both end up doing the same job.

O-rgasm. This point applies to married couples only, and those planning to get married. While men want to have a great time in the bed, they aren’t, generally speaking, considerate enough to ensure that their wives equally share in this enjoyment.

M-ansions. Certain parents show partiality when it comes to dividing their ‘mansions’ – properties. The boys get a better share, most often than not.

A-ttention. When a woman speaks, many men go, “There is nothing I am going to learn from this person for after all she is a woman!” and switch off their prejudiced minds.

N-ight Freedom. A woman cannot travel alone, eat out alone, or even take a walk, late at night without fearing for her safety in our time, most times than not. The reason: yes, there are men who still behave like beasts out there.

Only an encounter with Jesus, who entered the world born of a woman (Gal 4:4) can soundly convert men so that they will stop robbing women.

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