– Duke Jeyaraj

Pugnacious Australian Ricky Ponting is finally retiring,
He will be remembered for his attacking batting,
You may have never seen a better batsman, the short ball, pulling,
The runs which accounted for his team’s win, like none other, he kept accumulating,

Not to forget – the finest among his generation was his acrobatic fielding,
On really big occasions when other Captains had their head spinning,
And did foolish things like play reverse sweeps – think of Jayawardane and Gatting,
That’s when Ricky Ponting found his most murderous timing,
His score in the 2003 World Cup Finals – Indians won’t forget – was 140 batting,

There’s another aspect of Ponting’s career about which we cannot avoid talking,
That is that he did not mind ill-mannerly protesting,
When the umpires made decisions that were baffling,
He did not shy away from claiming,
Catches that he had taken after the ball did the bumping,
“The leader of a pack of wild dogs!” – that’s a title he once ended up from Roebuck receiving,
In a particular press conference he did not mind reporters to be leaving,
If it was his integrity that they were doubting,

There’s a bit of Ponting inside us somewhere lurking,
To take care of that, Jesus, God in flesh, under-went bleeding,
He did that to save a brash generation, which to hell, was speeding,
Come to him, right now, repenting and believing,
You will discover a peace, that will be still be there when troubles raise to the height of the ceiling!

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