The Ultimate Combination Champion is Jesus, not Barack Obama, Bill Clinton!

– Duke Jeyaraj

Former US President, Bill Clinton, was oozing with eloquence when he spoke thus of President Barack Obama in the Democratic National Convention, in Charlotte, NC, on 5 Sept 2012: “I Nominate A Man Who’s Cool On The Outside… But Burns For America On The Inside”… He was praising Barack Obama for possessing a rare combination of contrasting qualities. I want to say that no one had a greater measure of contrasting qualities than the Lord Jesus himself. I call Jesus, ‘the combination champion’. Not only was Jesus amazingly powerful (he had miracle-working power) but he was absolutely pure (there was no muck in him). Not only was Jesus 100% God (Titus 2:13), he was also 100% human (Acts 17:31). While Jesus was loving (a bruised reed, he would not break), he could lash out at people with words of judgement as well (he called the unrepentant Jewish religious leaders “a brood of snakes”, “white-washed tombs” who were headed for hell, and Herod as “that fox”). Jesus’ contrasting qualities far out-beats anyone you can care to name (Acts 4:12; John 14:6).

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