Duke Jeyaraj’s Good News Presenting Poem on the London Olympics Men’s 100 Meters Dash Final which Usain Bolt won on 5 August 2012.
It was on the London Olympics 2012 100 meters men’s final dash the world’s eyes did lock,

To watch this one heart-stopping event, live, people from all over the world, to the Olympic stadium did flock,

To catch this breathtaking sprint live on TV, folks like me in India, woke up with the kids, as early as two o’ clock,

The cynosure of all eyes was ‘Lighting Bolt’ Usain Bolt – no athlete in recent times, like him the universe, did rock,

After his pre-race theatrics for the crowds (that included Prince Harry and William) and the cameras, Bolt crouched on the starting block,

At one point in the race, he was third last, and the question did arise if someone his Olympic title, from him would possibly knock,

But he blazed forward as the finish neared – it was as if he alone ran while others’ legs were arrested in some sort of a padlock,

A talented field of athletes including the current World Champion Blake, former world record holder Powell, 2007 World Champion Gay and the former Olympic Champion Gatlin, he effortlessly did sock,

History’s three fastest 100 meter dash times were now his, as he crossed the finish line in a Olympic record of 9.64 seconds, his nagging critics to mock,

His World Record of 9.58 seconds could have possibly been broken had he not, while he was about to cross the finish line, wasted precious nano seconds, trying to look at the stop-clock,

Bolt’s phenomenal power sprint pulled all seven out of the eight finalists under the 10 second barrier, expect Asafa Powell, who slowed down in utter shock,

In this epic race, Justin Gatlin, though he ran 0.06 seconds faster than his 2004 Gold Medal performance could only add a bronze to his Olympic medal-stock,

After the race, Bolt struck trademark ‘To The World’ pose pointing both fingers in the air, after bowing prostrate to the ground, to perhaps do God-talk.

Talking about God-talk, I am reminded of the race that Jesus, God in flesh, undertook to reach atop Golgotha hillock,

To wash away your sin and mine, he would shed his sinless blood there after having received from cruel Roman soldiers, knock after knock,

He did this all to give you a real happiness which you are still searching for after that secret fling with that pretty girl in that pink frock,

Turn from sin and trust in Jesus, your life will be meaningful and purposeful and you won’t have to, like Socrates, drink poisonous hemlock!

Post Script – Poor Tyson Gay! He finished fourth despite clocking a sensational time of 9.80 seconds in the 100 meters final. In every Olympic 100 meters men final before Beijing 2008, this effort would have won him the Gold Medal. But this time – thanks to Gold Medal winner Usain Bolt’s power sprinting that pulled the seven out of the eight finalists into the sub 10 seconds mark – this guy called Gay did not even win a bronze medal despite a fabulous effort this Olympics and was reduced to tears.  This is a imperfect picture of how all of us, sinful us, have fallen short of the glory of a holy, holy, holy God despite our best efforts and how we can be saved only through placing our total trust in Christ!

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