Hate Story Movie's Paoli Dam & The Damnation of the Soul

Duke Jeyaraj
“Love killed her soul; her body seeks revenge” – so goes the movie poster punchline for VIKRAM BHATT’S, Hate Story, as I discovered from newspaper ads. The ‘her’ referred to in this movie poster punchline is actress Paoli Dam. Starting  from Paoli Dam, we can learn a lesson from the Bible about the damnation of the soul! Shocked? Let me elaborate. Even the makers of movies of the cadre a Christ-follower would consciously avoid, like the HATE STORY, surprisingly, concede that humans have a soul – not just a body. We have a soul, because we are made in the image of God who too has a soul. “My soul is well-pleased!” so said the God of the Bible about the sinless life of only incarnate Son, Jesus – the Bible records (Math 12:18). Yes, all of us have a soul! This soul, the Bible declares, will go on living forever (Eccl 3:11). We can gain the whole world, and yet forfeit the soul, Jesus, God-in-flesh warned (Mk 8:36). Nothing can be given in exchange for the soul, ever, Jesus taught (Math 16:26). Not the diamonds of South Africa. Not the cars of Germany. Not the cheap thrills that come in viewing movies like HATE STORY. Just nothing. Without a living, daily, deep relationship with Jesus, our soul and body will be consigned to eternal hell – this is the declaration of Jesus who always spoke the truth (Math 10:28). Jesus’ question to all who are reading this is this: if your soul is required of you tonight, where will it spend eternity (Lk 12:20)? If you not sure of the answer, repent and come to the one whose ‘soul was troubled’ because of our sinful deeds (John 12:27). Come to the one who went to Gethsemane garden being ‘sorrowful in his soul’ and eventually to the Cross of Calvary for our sakes, and for our sins (Math 26:38). Come to the one whose ‘soul was not abandoned to death’ but rose again from the death – the only one to do so (Acts 2:27). Come to Jesus. Come now. After you have come to Him, start to love Him ‘with all your soul’ – which is his greatest command (Math 22:37). And, by his power overcome temptations that will come your way, live holy. Start reading his word, the Bible and start talking to him in prayer. Join a Bible-believing fellowship. Witness for him, through your life and lips. Then, when Jesus comes back the second time to this planet as judge, you will be “kept blameless in your body, soul and spirit” (I Thess 5:23).

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