Unwise Daniel Christian, Unwise you

Duke Jeyaraj’s poem on the nerve-wracking CLT20 Game Between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) Vs South Australia Redback (SAR) on 5 October, 2011, Bangalore that ended in a last ball six win for the former.

After South Australia Redbacks’ opener, Daniel Harris was still unbeaten on a brilliant 108 at lunch,
RCB had to make 215 to win – this was the kind of cricket match that would’ve interested even the French!
Flat-six hitting Gayle and Dil-scooping Dilshan, an intent-revealing opening partnership did launch,
Before murderous Virat Kohli came into the middle to blast a 36-ball 70, that packed a punch,
As the post-Kohli dismissal 16th over by offie Nathan Lyon yielded just 4, RCB faced a run-crunch,
Tait’s tight ‘3-wickets taken, just 4 runs given’ 19th over left RCB 14, in the last over, to fetch.
A throw in the 2nd ball of the final over, the cheeky single seeking Syed Mohammed, short of the crease, did catch,
The scoop-4 Aravind hit in the 3rd ball, the bad name he earlier earned by giving 69 runs, slowly began to scratch,
The next two balls Aravind could score just 3 runs, and he was now in the non-strikers end feeling like a wretch!
6 off 1 ball – this is what RCB had to now miraculously hatch!
“The last ball will surely be a slower one, since the first 5 in this last over were!” – this was Arun Karthick’s hunch!
He slog swept Daniel Christian’s predictable slower ball for a six, a win in the very last ball for RCB to snatch!
Man of the Match Virat Kohli said that this game, RCB Vs SAR, was his life’s most exciting T20 match!

Yes it’s true that Daniel Christian was extremely unwise to bowl six straight slow balls in the last over,
But of course, not Just Daniel Christian – we too are unwise in other matters of life, dear brother!

When we choose fleeting sinful pleasures over the eternal pleasures that Jesus offers, we are just as unwise!
When we tell ourselves, “One last look at this porn site may not cause any harm,” we are believing Satan’s lies!
Life’s purpose is not found in finding a job that fills our plates with rice and marrying a girl that’s really nice!
It’s not also found in munching french fries with funny friends while licking a KFC-chicken leg piece!
It’s only found in having a relationship with the sinless Jesus who took the punishment that brought us peace!
Will you not repent from your sin and come to Him who is alive ever more, now, please?

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