-Duke Jeyaraj

In the middle with great resolve would he arrive, when India’s first wicket does fall!

When the Indian team is in trouble, he will, 9 times out of 10, answer crisis’ call!

It is not for nothing that he is nicknamed the ‘wall’!

Plus, he’s a world-record-holding catcher – from the grip of his safe hands, often does not slip, the cricket ball!

Into the sunset, after 15-plus years of doing battling batting Rahul Sharad Dravid, is walking tall!

He is definitely a deserving member in Indian Cricket Fame’s Hall!

It’s true, when he bats the run-rate may, like a tortoise, crawl,

Agreed, He may not like Sehwag, entertain the audience and the senses enthrall,

But a player of Dravid’s worth, you couldn’t buy with a billion bucks in any shopping Mall!

And when he does eventually retire, the hole in the Indian middle order will not be small!

While we talk about the “Wall” here let me introduce another who gave his life to build a wall,

A wall that blocks your path to eternal hell, a wall that’s really tall!

He raised this wall by shedding his blood on the Cross and gaving for us his all!

Jesus, God-in-flesh, is this wall-builder’s name, and do you hear this his loving call?

“Come to me, and life, with me in your boat, despite the storms, will be a ball!”

But if you turn a deaf ear, to jump over this wall Jesus raised, into hell, you’ll fall!

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