He said he that would live till 96, but..

-Duke Jeyaraj

Virender Sehwag said that he wanted to bat through the innings in all his World Cup games. In the Bangladesh game he batted beyond Over Number 45 and scored 175. That was a good attempt. But he got out in the 2nd ball he faced in the Finals. Another man said that he would live till 96. But he breathed his last at 85. On Easter Day, 2011. He died on the very day the World recalled the raising from the death of Jesus. 85 is not that far from 96. Again a good attempt! I told my wife that I would exercise five times a week, regularly. But I have gone wrong that prediction of mine about myself, horribly :). You could add a story like that from your own life too, here – I bet you would! Let’s not crucify, defame, these folks I have just talked about! As MERE MEN, As ORDINARY HUMANS, NOTHING BETTER COULD BE EXPECTED FROM US DESPITE OUR BEST INTENTIONS AND EFFORTS OF GREAT SWEAT. But God is different. Far, far, different. He is not a man that he would lie, the Bible declares.”Does He (God) promise and not fulfill what He promised?” the Bible dares (Numbers 23:19). If the God we are talking about is the TRUE LIVING GOD, HE WILL FULFILL ALL HIS PROMISES. Yes, only Jesus, has fulfilled every Word of prophecy about Him, over 110 major ones, with 100% bull’s eye accuracy. “Jesus would enter Jerusalem to be crucifed, 483 years from this day!” That was Prophet Daniel’s prophecy made simple (Dan 9:24-25). Jesus fulfilled that astounding prophecy! Yes, He entered Jerusalem to be crucified exactly on the day Daniel predicted – a prediction made 483 years before! That is just one example. Fulfilling prophecy was pretty easy for Him to do, because as the ONLY GOD IN FLESH, He could control events in time and eternity with effortless ease. He alone is worthy of worship and life devotion! He alone is the way of salvation, as He himself said (John 14:6). If we believed that there are other God-avatars, apart from Jesus, it would amount to calling Jesus a liar. But He is NOT a liar. The one who never got it wrong when it came to prophecy fulfilment is NOT A LIAR. HE IS THE ONLY LORD! So, I live the one life I have, surrendered wholely to Him. I makes sense that I do that. What would you do?

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