A poem on Misbah’s baffling batting tactics in the World Cup Semifinal Between India-Pakistan, 30 March, 2011, by Duke Jeyaraj We can always accelerate later; Chasing 260 is not a big deal after all we have chased 320 plus in this ground against India in the past!’ – that’s what thought Misbah, The way he blocked the balls instead of bashing them made the onlookers, in amazement, drop their jaw, Ball after ball, he just defended without rotating the strike, and on the spectator’s neck “put saw”, It allowed desperate India, the opportunity, to slowly back into the match, claw, Not taking the Batting Powerplay earlier on, was to Pakistan’s chances to get back into the game, the proverbial last straw, The big sixes that Misbah hit at the fag end only made, for the furious Pakistani fans, the memories of the T20 2007 World Cup Final, irritatingly raw, “We just love you, Misbah!” – this is what the Indian fans updated on their Facebook accounts, ha, ha! When before Christ’s Calvary demonstrated love, we make our hearts, become like ice that stubbornly refuses to thaw, We too, in our spiritual lives, are like this Misbah, ‘We can live in sin now and come to Christ to ask for forgiveness later!’ – in that thought process there is a major flaw, After our death (and it can come at any second) we will not be offered chances for salvation – this is the Bible law, When Jesus suddenly returns the 2nd time as Judge, it would be too late to accept him, this is the truth from Revelation 6:16, I just saw, So let’s run into the wide open loving arms of Jesus, right now, and to sin, say, “tata!”

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