What Deepika wanted to gift Ranbir; What Jesus wants to gift you….

-Duke Jeyaraj speaks about condoms n Christ on World AIDS Day
I bumped into this news piece in The Week magazine the other day: After some dignified silence over her break-up with Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone is exercising no restraint now when answering questions about her her ex-beau. First, she said she has no plans of getting rid of her RK tattoo. Then, when Karn Johar asked her on his show what she would like to gift Ranbir, she replied, “a pack of condoms” (The Week, November 22, 2010). A pack of condoms, Deepika probably believed would really help to prevent Ranbir who is reportedly known for his playboy lifestyle from catching the dreaded virus, AIDS. When Ranbir heard this, he also started preaching about how it was important to practice ‘safe’ sex by wearing condoms each time one had sex.

But is safe sex possible when one wears condoms? Does the wearing of the condom stop the AIDS virus from entering your body when you have sex with a person who is infected by it? No. Ask the 800 doctors and researchers who gathered in a Washionton DC conference if wearing of a condom would stop the AIDS virus each time. They would say, it would not. That’s why none of them raised their hands when asked, if any of them would wear condoms and have sex with an AID-infected patient! The AIDS virus is 250 times smaller than the male sperm (Source of information: Focus of the Family, The US). To give you an exaggerated and crude comparison, if the male sperm equals to Ishant Sharma (6 foot plus), the AIDS virus equals to Amit Mishra (just over 5 foot). The male sperm sometimes seeps through the condom. In the movie, Salaam Namaste, this is accurately potrayed. The boy despite wearing condoms makes the girl he is living-in with in Australia, pregnant. I can’t wait to ask this after making that observation: If Ishant can go through the condom pores, what guarantee do we have that the much smaller Amit won’t go through?! So, don’t get carried away from ‘safe’ sex lie. The ‘safe’ sex hoax.
The only way to have ‘safe’ sex is to save sex for marriage. It is preserve sex for the one person you will marry and that too only after you actually get married. Only Jesus can help you practice abstinence till then. He is the Only One who beat every temptation which came to him, each time. He, God is human flesh, died on the Cross for your sins and to give you an option to escape from living a purposeless and empty life of living hell and going to an literal hell. His blood can cleanse you from every sin, including the sin of pre-marital sex. Come to Him, now. Give your life to Him, Him who loves very much. And see that you experience a joy unspeakable which will beat the best orgasm you ever had when you had pre-marital sex. And what’s more Jesus will give power to overcome sexual-sin because he has overcome all temptation.

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