Two Men With Sore Back

Duke Jeyaraj’s Poem On The Exciting fifth day of the India-Australia Mohali Test 2010, one of the Greatest Ever Test Matches

Battling a sore back,
He batted with resolve to lead India’ comeback,
He came in when India were 76-5 succumbing to the fierce Aussie bowling attack,
He batted with plenty of resolve, and oodles of “wristy” knack,
But wickets kept falling at the other end on a typical crumbling, Day 5 track,
Yet another winning opportunity after Dhoni’s run-out, it certainly looked like, India were about to jack,
But Laxman’s stunning partnership with Ishant, the Aussies found touch to crack,
When Ishant was dismissed, it was as if the Australians were standing on down-an-out India’s neck, But amidst great drama, India were finally home in a Test match whose quality was ‘top of the rack’! Since 2001 Eden Gardens, into the batting account of VVS Laxman, the Australians are still trying unsuccessful to hack!

Laxman’s Mohali Test heroics reminded me of another Person who marched to Jerusalem without looking back,
Yes, Jesus went to Jerusalem to be bashed up black and blue everywhere and particularly on his back,
So that you, a hell-heading sinner, to God your father, comeback,
All you were left with, was disappointment, disillusionment and depression after Satan’s attack,
But by dying on the Cross, Jesus placed his legs on Satan’s neck,
In repentance and faith come to Jesus without showing slack,
Chasing world’s fleeting pleasures your soul’s salvation chances, please don’t jack!

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  1. Wow Duke! Thrilled at how God has gifted you with the ability to blend “the Book and the paper”!God bless.Duke i've obeyed God's call and have joined RZIM and have moved to Bombay.Charles Joseph,Vellore

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