Dhoni in Dharamshala Vs God’s Son in Golgotha

Duke Jeyaraj on the last over between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Kings XI Punjab in Dharmshala, 18 April 2010, easily the most exciting game in IPL-111

They were just an over away from possible elimination – despite having quality players to flaunt,

16 runs in the last over – that’s what Chennai Super Kings needed stay in the hunt,

Irfan Pathan ran into bowl with determination, Dhoni’s efforts to get those runs, to blunt,

The onlookers couldn’t move – be it a person young or old, or be it an uncle or an aunt,

After Dhoni crashed the first ball for four – 12 required off 5 balls was the fresh count,

Even though the next ball he could only miscue for just a two, Chennai’s semi-final chances none could discount,

The next two balls Dhoni smacked over the fence – Irfan Pathan’s ego to bruise and affront!

One six landed 104 metres away from Dhoni’s blade, having borne it’s awesome power’s full brunt!

The super cool Skipper then celebrated with a rare, never-seen-before self-mumble and upper cut stunt!

It was as if he knew even at that point that Chennai would go on to win the third edition of IPL, upfront!

The Chennai players swooped on him in a flash to salute the efforts of the man who never says, “I can’t!”

“Dhoni scores 28 out of 29 runs required in the last 2 overs,” – that’s what the papers reported in big font!

What Dhoni achieved atop that stadium perched in the 5000-feet high Dharamshala’s mount,

Reminded me of Jesus who willingly received cuts on His body atop Mount Golgotha, to open up a fount,

A fount filled with sinless, precious blood that would take away the sins of all, who into it, would dismount!

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