–Duke Jeyaraj

So Homosexuality is cool, the courts have ruled. Being gay is okay, is what they assert. Lesbianism is legal now in India. Atleast in New Delhi. Hmmm.

This is what the greatest book in the World, the Bible, has to say about one of the most burning issues / hotly debates of our time:

When God created the World he could shown us that He was fine with homosexuality. He could have. But He did not. He could have created one set of Adam and Eve and put them under one tree and married them off. “You guys are a straight married couple – My blessings are upon you!” he could have said. He could have created one more couple, Adam1 and Adam2 and solemnized their wedding under yet another tree in the Garden of Eden. As someone smartly put it: God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve! God could have blessed saying, “My homosexual married couple – my choicest blessings are with you. He could have created couple No.3 – Eve1 and Eve2. He could have visited the tree under which they were copulating and uttered, “Be fruitful and multiply – my blessings are with you, you lesbian couple!” But He did not. You know why? Homosexuality never entered His mind as a valid way of living. So it is not an option for us His creatures, to consider. The Maker knows what is best for his makes, right?!! The very way God has designed the body of a male and the body of the female, it is quite obvious that a male was meant to have intercourse with a female only, isn’t?

God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!

When God issues a set of commands to Moses he made sure He included a straightforward command about Homosexuality. He did not dodge the issue. He did not sweep it under the carpet. Instead, He told Moses to tell His People, Israel, “Do not sleep with a man as you sleep with a woman.” (Lev 18:22). God reserved a word for such behavior: abomination (ESV). Some homosexuals might call homosexuality “awesome”. But God calls it “awful”.

Las Vegas is known for gambling. New York, for Sky-scrappers. Tirupathi, for laddoos. And the city of Sodom was known in the Bible times for rampant homosexuality. And what happened that city? God rained fire on them (Genesis 19). That was His way of firing the homosexuals. What fell on them that day was just a temporary fire, mind you. It just took away their physical life. An eternal fire that would torment their souls and bodies awaits the sold-out, stubborn homosexual offenders of Sodom, we read in the Bible book of Jude (Jude 7). God, I am afraid, will not be ready to congratulate you for your homosexual behavior. He is, make no mistake, getting ready to condemn you, my homosexual friend, for this outrageous behavior. If He did not do that, He would have to apologize to the city of Sodom. And that won’t happen. Shahid Afridi might block 12 balls without taking a single run, but that will not happen. God, the sinless One, never apologises to anyone. So before God’s fierce condemnation strikes you, my gay buddy, I am appealing to you in love, to repent from the sin of homosexuality! If we are still alive, despite our homosexuality and other sins, it is because of the great grace of God – a grace that is waiting for us to repent! And that grace can run out anytime.

Jesus, God in human flesh and bone, talked a lot about sex and marriage. He went back to the story of Creation found in the book of Genesis in the Bible to teach what God’s plan was for sex and marriage. “A man will leave his father’s house and be joined to his wife,” he taught (Mark 10:7). He did not teach, “A man will leave his father’s house and be joined to another man.” He did not teach, “A woman will leave her family and be joined with another woman.” He said that some folks have been born as eunuchs (Math 19:12). But never did He say, some people have been made homosexuals by God.

When Jesus did on the Cross, our sins were laid upon Him, the Bible teaches. He bore ours sins on His body (I Pet 2:24). Our bodies should be punished for the sin of homosexuality. That punishment is death. Hear this for yourself from the Bible: If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them (Lev 20:13). We deserve punishment for our other sins, too, from the all-Holy and all-Just God who cannot and will not wink at sin. But Jesus says, “I love you. I will take your punishment.” He was bound, blind-folded, boxed, battered, bashed, bruised, bloodied, broken, for your sin and mine.

He did not teach, “A man will leave his father’s house and be joined to another man.”

When Paul communicated God’s truths with believers in Rome, he talked about this issue. In his very first chapter he talked about homosexuality as a condition you fall into, when you stubbornly fall away from God (Rom 1:26,27). Homosexuality was a punishment that God allows in your life, when he sees that you are hell-bent on rebelling from him. Later Paul in his communication with Timothy writes that homosexual behavior was one way you break the laws of God and become disobedient to Him (I Tim 1:8-11). While writing to the church at Ephesus, Paul acknowledges the only plan that God ever had for marriage was this: “… a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh” (Eph 5:31). No other permutations and combinations were permissible!

In one church Paul ministered to, there were former homosexuals (I Cor 6:9-11). After naming homosexual behavior as one of the sins in the sin list he made up, he writes, “Such were some of you”. Paul warns, if they returned to such behavior and persisted in it, they would not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. They would not go to heaven. I have goodnews for you. If it was possible for the people of Sodom to turn from their homosexual behavior, it is possible for you too. God does not want you to live in this sin and perish. He does not want your riddance. He wants your repentance.

So people say they are born with a homosexual bent and so they have every right to be homosexuals. This is how their argument goes: Some are born lefthanders. Some others are born righthanders. Similiarly, some are born homosexuals while some others are born straight. God made us homosexuals and so we don’t want to be straight!Come on! When one makes the choice of being a left hander or a right hander, he or she is not making a moral choice. But when one makes a choice of homosexuality over a normal man-woman relationship, one does make a moral choice. And God has not created anyone with a homosexual bent. Some were created as eunuchs, yes. But as homosexuals – they weren’t. We chose a homosexual lifestyle using our inborn sinful instincts – instincts inherited from the first man, Adam. Just like Ethiopians naturally have dark skin, we too have naturally inbuilt instincts to sin. This is the teaching of the Bible (Jer 13:23). But, through Jesus, we can overcome those sinful instincts. When Jesus died for us on the Cross, our sins and sinful desires were nailed with Him, the Bible teaches (Gal 5:24). We could have many other natural desires and inborn bents that are surely sinful – the desire to have many sexual partners, the desire to murder, the desire to rape, the desire to have sex with animals, etc, etc. But those natural desires should be curtailed, curbed, cleaned and consecrated with the power of the blood of Christ and the Holy Spirit. They should not be used as a justification for our sins. Some others say that David and Jonathan were homosexuals and that God was cool about their relationship. There is no biblical warrant to believe that if you have understood what the whole Bible says about this issue. The message of part of the Bible should not contradict the message of another part of the Bible – this is the cardinal rule of Bible interpretation. Yes, it was true that David’s love for Jonathan was a very deep love – a love deeper than the love he had for women (II Sam 1:26). The word the Septuagint, the most respected and the oldest available Greek translation of the Bible, uses here for the love David had for Jonathan is certainly not “eros” – the Bible word for sexual love.

When one makes the choice of being a left hander or a right hander, he or she is not making a moral choice. But when one makes a choice of homosexuality over a normal man-woman relationship, one does make a moral choice.

So my friend, say “bye” to the sin of homosexuality and every other sin you may be in. “Sin is anything, Jesus would not do.” His Blood, shed for you on the Cross, will cleanse you. And you will be a new person. You will have a joy and peace which homosexuality can never give you. You will be filled with inexpressible and glorious joy – something no sin can give you.

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