A Duke Jeyaraj Poem on the last over of the Kolkota Knight Riders and Deccan Chargers in IPL – II on 16 May

The score-board said, twenty one required off the last over,
The Game between the Deccan Chargers and the Knight Riders was far from over,
With only three men in the ring, Mashrafe’s first ball – was called a “No!”
Rohit Sharma smashed it for a four – to hear the Chargers’ cheering, “Go Rohit! Go!”

16 runs off 6 balls, was the new equation,
In Hyderabadi homes like mine, the air was charged with so much tension!
However, sleepy-eyed, silken-touch Rohit Sharma stayed cool as a cucumber,
He suddenly exploded and tonked the 3rd ball – a juicy full toss – for a huge sixer!

It was then the $600,000 worth Mortaza bowled a nervous wide,
At that point, he (and his captain McCullum) wished they had some place to hide,
With 7 off 3 balls, now required, Rohit hit the ball down the ground and set out for a run,
Venugopal’s high velocity sprint converted that one into two – boy, for him, it was fun!

5 needed off 2 balls – that was the challenging task now,
When Rohit stylishly pierced the infield to clobber a four, the Chargers’ fans roared, “Wow!”
1 off 1 ball – that is what the Chargers had to now get,
This was surely a goose-bumps-giving, game, you won’t, in a hurry, forget,

When Rohit Sharma sent the last ball over the square leg!
It was celebration time for the Chargers – everyone was shaking a leg!
While it’s true, it was Rohit who, for the Chargers, saved the Day!
It is also true that it is Jesus, who is the Life, the Truth and the Way!

It was celebration time for the Chargers – everyone was shaking a leg!

Why bring Jesus into the final over of Twenty20 game, you may well ask,
Here is why – While the Twenty20 excitement can fade behind our life mask,
The excitement, the peace, the life purpose, that Jesus alone offers, does last,
And I could not just wait to tell you this great news – so I made this poem up fast!

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